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3rd Thursday

Kiki Botonaki

KIKI BOTONAKI is a DJ & music producer based in Thessaloniki.

Since 2016 she has been a radio producer at the electronic music station FLY104, daily 15:00-18:00. From a very young age she managed to be part of the biggest clubs and collaborate with many famous DJs.. She is known for her eclectic sound and high-energy performances, which have earned her a dedicated following of fans. As a DJ, she has performed at many of the top clubs and festivals in Greece, and beyond and her music has been featured on a number of compilation and playlists. Her rise to fame is a testament to her talent and dedication the art to the art of DJing. Highlights in her career is "Cavo Paradiso", the legendary club of Mykonos, with the Twisted Project and the production of the single 'We Fly' (Seres Producoes) - which reached No. 3 in the world ranking on Beatport's Afro House - in collaboration with Manuel Kane and Christos Fourkis. She continues as Resident DJ in the unique space of "Aigli Geni Hamam" and in the legendary "Thermaikos Bar". Her latest release, Monks, is out by Wired Label included at the anniversary album for the 12 years of the label.

Kiki Botonaki

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