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Sonance Sessions is an ever-growing podcast continuously being added to new platforms.

Currently found on Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, Google Podcast, Deezer, Stitcher, SoundCloud, MixCloud, PlayerFM, Listen Notes, Podcast Addict, Overcast, CastBox and many more.​

Set up by friends who have a love of different music genres, Sonance Sessions became a way of brining those genres together in one podcast.​​

With the podcast continuing to grow we added Sonance Sessions Radio. Broadcasting 24/7 Ad Free music. Playing some of the best radio shows from some of the best DJ's.

Check out the Radio Schedule for times in your area and and Radio DJ's page for the full line up.

The question we get a lot is who is behind Sonance Sessions and who mixes the podcast.

We like the focus on the music, but as it’s a question we get a lot.

If you contact Sonance Sessions these are the people, you will be speaking with.

Who Mixes the podcast *


Dan. Managing partner.*

Carl. Podcast manager.

Chris. Radio Manager.

Managing Team.

Lou. *


The Podcast Team.

Ross. *


The Radio Team.

Alexa. *

Ricky. *

We have had so much positive feedback from listeners around the world since launching Sonance Sessions.​

Thank you to our listeners for your continued support.

Enjoy the music!

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