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Podcast Guest Mix

Be a guest DJ with Sonance Sessions Podcast.

As a guest we will provide you with a release date. Our Podcast is released every Friday so we will provide you with our next available date.

All you need to do is send us the mix and files and we do the rest.
Below are some answer to questions might have.

Am I guaranteed to be a guest.  -  As much as we would like to feature all submissions we do need to approve your mix.
What genre of music do you accept.  -  All genres across Electronic Dance Music.
How long does my mix have to be.  -  A minimum 1 hour and Maximum 2 hours.
What file type do you accept.   -  Preferably WAV/AIFF. If you are recording from high quality MP3/ACC the equivalent is accepted.
Do I need to send anything else with my mix.  -  Yes, we also feature an artwork cover for the mix so a high quality image and logo if you have one. A playlist to credit the featured artists and a bio to tell our audience about you.
When do you need my mix  -  As soon as it's available. The latest we can accept is one week prior to release date.
Can I use my own imaging or talk over on my mix.  -  Yes, this is your mix, promote yourself. 
I have another question.  -  Send us a message on the contact form. We will be happy to help.

Thanks for submitting!

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