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Breaking The Sound

Bilevicius was born in 1989 in the province of Entre Rios, in the city of Villaguay. Currently, she resides in Buenos Aires.

Her passion for electronic music began in 2003, as she listened to genres like Trance and House.

In 2011, she started as a guest DJ on Exa FM radio in Guatemala. A few months later, she managed to have her own weekly program, which concluded in 2016. Concurrently, she played on other radio stations such as Tempo-Radio in Mexico, Elektrona in Buenos Aires, Understation in Mendoza, and Full-time radio in Buenos Aires.

During this time, she studied graphic design at the University of Palermo and music at the National School of Buenos Aires (EMBA), completing her studies in 2016. She performed in bars and clubs in Buenos Aires and internationally, including in the Dominican Republic.

Starting in 2018, she began producing Trance and later transitioned to House, Techno, and Melodic House. In 2020, she started her own program on Expo Radio called “Breaking The Sound,” where she showcases Progressive House, Techno, and Melodic House. She has also remixed artists such as Mariano Santos, Baxter Baxter, Circular Run, Allex, and iMarcus.

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