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2nd Tuesday

Manuela Gandolfo

Manuela Gandolfo was born in Italy but is based in Ibiza and has travelled all over the world. Those journeys have given her a global perspective on sound and allowed her to collect music and experiences from scenes and cultures all over the world. She has a deep, heartfelt and soulful sound that also spills over into the studio where she has crafted countless classic tracks that have won her plenty of fans in the scene on labels like Echoe/Echolette, Chronovision Ibiza, Soundzrise Recs, Wavetech Rec, Wasabi and many more.

Manuela’s talent was clear at a very early stage when she began to perform in various clubs in her own city and around Europe, blending everything from deep to melodic techno. She showcases this with her show on Ibiza Global Radio, It’ All About The Music, which finds her offering up a wide range of inspirations and influences that allow you to peer deep into her creative mind. She also plays in many clubs in Europe, the UK and as far as Zanzibar. She is a global ambassador of sound with a style that unites everyone no matter where she plays.

Manuela Gandolfo

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