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2nd Tuesday

José Lucas

José Lucas started his musical career with a Masters degree in classical guitar from The Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Sweden.

While productive in its own right, it wasn’t quite the right fit for him. 

He made the decision to be a songwriter and producer.

With cuts in Belgium, UK, and USA, to various artists including Pitbull, he finally found his calling in guitar-based deep tropical house music/pop. 

This quickly became a home for him and allowed him to explore the genre.

First single, “If It Weren’t For Love”(Warner Music Germany) was released in February, 2017. 

It was charted in South/North America, Asia, and Europe, even hitting #1 in Viral 50 Austria and #10 in Viral 50 Germany. 

He also released an official remix of James Blunt’s single “Love Me Better”(Atlantic UK) and wrote, as well as produced, Liams Ferrari’s single, ”Hurt”. His following single "Close To You" was charted #17 on Viral 50 France.

Latest release including Feel (Wagram Int.), Shazam Dance France breakthrough track of the year with french producer Rivo and his own remix of Feel, released on 28th of July. 

José Lucas a musician who follows the rhythm of life, going wherever music takes me. 

Through every genre, collaboration, and adventure, I embrace the power of music to transcend boundaries and ignite connections. 

José Lucas

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