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Music As Medicine

Born in the mid 80's, Clain grew up in Paris. A musician since his childhood, he has also studied sound and image processing and worked as an engineer. The trip whether musical or cultural, has always been something that matters to him and Clain reveals different incarnations during his musical or audiovisual performance.

Clain’s spirit of adventure translates a life lived a hundred miles per hour. As a dandy 2.0, his performances are the result and witness to a thirst for the new and the unexpected.

Expression of his passion and enthusiasm for live performances, he aspires to always share his accomplishments.

With a musical career spanning several years, Clain has built a strong reputation in the music industry. As a music producer, he is passionate about creating unique and innovative sounds that touch the hearts and souls of his listeners.

As a DJ, Clain is able to create unforgettable atmospheres for his audiences by choosing perfectly adapted music tracks for each situation.

And as a live performer, Clain delivers a captivating musical experience that transports his audience to a unique musical universe. With unmatched expertise and a contagious passion for music, Clain is the perfect solution for all your musical needs.


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