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Volaris, formerly known as Nathan Cozzetto, has taken the melodic house & techno scene by storm in just a year. Emerging from the shadows, this talented artist burst onto the scene with his hit "Through The Night." The track's success was instant, catching the attention of the esteemed Armada label, marking the beginning of Volaris' meteoric rise.

Diving into his music, it's clear why Volaris is becoming a household name. His discography boasts impressive affiliations with leading labels in the industry. He's made his mark on John Summit’s Off The Grid, Solardo’s Sola, and even graced the playlists of deadmau5’s mau5trap and Nora En Pure’s Purified Records. Notably, his unique sound led him to be the first solo artist, apart from John Summit, to release on the Off The Grid label. His track "Slow Motion" also garnered massive attention, securing its spot in the Ultra Music Festival after-movie.

One of Volaris' standout moments was crafting "Hand Of God" exclusively for his performance at the iconic Printworks during its closing season. It's a testament to his dedication and passion for creating memorable music experiences.
While the UK has been a primary stage for his performances, Volaris isn't limiting himself to one region. He's been making waves internationally, notably supporting big names like deadmau5 and Cedric Gervais during Miami Music Week at E11EVEN. With his rapid ascent, fans across the globe should definitely keep an eye out for his tours.

Before summer 2021, Volaris was virtually unknown. However, his collaboration with Nightlapse and Nathan Nicholson on "Through The Night" quickly changed that. This track became a turning point, leading John Summit to feature Volaris as the first artist on his new label, Off The Grid Records. Since then, Volaris has continuously churned out hits, including "Tygar," "Take Me Under," "Purple Skies," and "I’m So Weak."

In just six months, Volaris achieved what many artists aspire to over a lifetime. With an exciting year ahead, including major performances and new releases, Volaris is undeniably a name that every house music fan should familiarize themselves with. His story is just beginning, and it's one that's bound to leave a lasting mark on the music scene.

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