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Tony Kay

In The Mix

Hailing from the vibrant city of Dubai, Tony Kay is a magnetic force in the electronic music sphere, bringing a unique blend of global influences to entertain audiences worldwide. As a Moroccan DJ and music producer, Tony has carved a distinct path in the industry, crafting a sonic output unlike any other. With a keen instinct for blending diverse rhythms and genres, Tony Kay’s performances deliver adrenaline-fuelled experiences, creating moments of pure euphoria and surprising dance floors with refreshing tracks.
Tony Kay’s radio show serves up a journey that takes listeners through the vibrant and diverse landscape of house music. With each episode, he goes from strength to strength, creating an ideal destination for electronic music fans to get their fix.
As In The Mix continues to reach audiences globally, Tony Kay’s influence in the electronic music scene continues to make waves. His dedication to raising the bar and setting new standards within the genre positions him as a trailblazer and a potential household name.

Tony Kay
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