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Purple Disco Machine

Purple Disco Tales

German producer Purple Disco Machine has had a resilient rise to becoming one of the most universally appealing artists on the international music scene. On his journey to becoming the contemporary king of disco, Tino Piontek brought his passion for the vast history of the genre with him. A torch bearer and a prime representative of disco’s unique heritage, the Purple-donning, hit-making extraordinaire has bridged the gap between disco’s roots and today’s mainstream with his instantly recognisable sampladelic sound. His broad allure makes him one of the most intriguing artists of the modern-day, equally adept at producing commercial hits primed for the airwaves or sonically transporting dance-craving punters to the 80s with his consistently evolving electro-funk sound.

So ingrained in his character, Tino Piontek’s artist name Purple Disco Machine is a deliberate homage to his funk hero Prince and the Gloria Estefan-fronted, Latin-influenced flair of Gloria Estefan’s Miami Sound Machine. The sonic identity of Purple Disco Machine blossomed in the clubs of East Germany where his passion for disco and house flourished. Growing up listening to highly censored radio stations with their rock cliches and sappy ballads, there was one sound that stood out to Tino Piontek - Italo disco. Spending all of his money and time on consuming music, in his teens he attended warehouse raves in Dresden, but it was his love of French house that sparked an affinity for disco, with artists such as Daft Punk influencing his interest in DJing. Proving at a young age to be a man of many talents, after school, he trained to be a cook while working in one of the most prestigious Michelin-awarded restaurants in his hometown. His love for music remained as strong as ever, however, and eventually, he earned a residency at a club by the name of Grotte. It was here that his burgeoning DJ prowess progressed with eight-hour sets and understanding what it took to orchestrate an authentic and energetic atmosphere.

His early years as a musician were spent ghost-producing and launching projects under various names. Becoming disillusioned with the zeitgeist of 2000s music that was blinded by a white wave of EDM, Piontek made the decision to step away from music in 2008 to become a teacher at an elementary school - writing advertising music on the side. However, one can never completely let go of such a deep passion. As such, Tino Piontek decided to again make music for his own pleasure - disco cuts over driving rhythms, and out of the depths blossomed Purple Disco Machine. A 2012 hit called ‘My House’ led to an outpour of demand for the German producer and a string of dancefloor fillers helped establish the instantly identifiable sound of the musician. Along the journey to his 2017 debut album ‘Soulmatic’, he released certifiable hits such ‘Body Funk’ and ‘Devil in Me’, the second of which featured the vocals of Joe Killington. While the dance community had fallen in love with the charismatic funk, the years proceeding would turn him into an international star.

In modern times he has displayed a pure pop sensibility mixed with a pure desire to dance with a discography of hits palpable for listeners whether they are at home or on the dancefloor. This was as evident as ever along the road to his sophomore album ‘Exotica’, where Purple Disco Machine evolved to become to become an all-encompassing radio and streaming king. A suitable title for an artist with over 1 billion streams, multiple Airplay Chart toppers, and a haul of Platinum and Gold Certifications across hits such as ‘Hypnotized’ with Sophie and The Giants, ‘Fireworks’ ft. Moss Kena, and ‘Dopamine’ ft. Eyelar. He followed the success of that album with another collaboration with Sophie and the Giants which transpired into a #1 European Airplay Chart hit in the form of ‘In The Dark’.

While success has followed Purple Disco Machine in recent years, he has still remained the charmingly reserved German passionate about football, food, and of course, his coffee. As he has matured as an artist and person he has come to realise what is most important in his life - his family and his adulation for his children, ensuring he never misses the important events and dates, regardless of what is going on in his professional life. In fact, it’s allowed him to soak in and enjoy when he is performing in front of thousands, with his carefree personality never more apropos than when he is commanding the dancefloor with his perfectly trimmed moustache and collection of tropical shirts. Whether it be sitting atop festival stages at the likes of Tomorrowland, Coachella, EDC, and Parklife or dictating the heated dancefloors of Glitterbox events - he is a party starter first and foremost. But that doesn’t mean accolades haven’t naturally come in conjunction.

The respect he has earned from his peers throughout his career has led him to become the #2 Best-Selling Beatport Artist of all time and a go-to remixer for some of the top artists in the world. The likes of Dua Lipa, Sir Elton John, Fatboy Slim, Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande among many more, have looked to him to input his positive flair for disco in their own work. Most recently, he was awarded the 2023 Grammy Award for Best Remix Performance for his take on Lizzo’s ‘It’s About Damn Time’, a true representation of the significance he has played in propelling disco back into the mainstream. A dedicated performer and a superstar hitmaker, his influence on the global dance scene will be felt for generations to come.

Purple Disco Machine
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