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La Santa

Redolent Music Podcast

La Santa was born in Madrid, Spain, under the Sagittarius sign. Daughter of the sun, a sensitive soul, eclectic Dj & modern music producer.

La Santa has been influenced by Classical Music, Jazz, Bossa Nova, Soul, and World Music. This amalgamation of cultures allowed her to blend them into a unique scent. She creates a unique and extraordinary sense of belonging, enhanced through an inner journey. Her DJ sets are filled with sensitivity, harmony, and high doses of spirituality, all the energy she gets from Bali, her second home. The only "requirement" is to feel free.

Music is energy; this is La Santa's philosophy. When she works, her whole spirit awakens and expands this vibration: the vibration of love, respect, passion for life, and, most of all: passion for music. Her sets are filled with spiritual vibes making.

La Santa's Music is always in constant evolution, looking for rhythms full of sensuality where the sound comes directly from her heart and can be felt from the first play to the last beat. If you want to dance, to dream, to find a connection with yourself or just to love... The music of La Santa will make you feel free and connect with yourself; the intensity with which you'll live it will depend on the volume you want to give your life.

La Santa
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