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Ibericanism Radio Show

I’m Dj and producer for over 25 years, under different pseudonyms. This new alter ego called “IBERICANISM” is a concept based on my human and musical identity and background. I’m of Portuguese ancestry although I’m a French citizen.
Over the years, I always had my greatest artistic affinities with Spanish speakers, whether they are from Spain, Latin America, or the USA from Latin ancestries. These countries love Tech House and have always been very important cradles of the production of the music I love.
It’s no surprise if I say, like all artists, that the love of music appears in childhood. The first time I felt the urge to “do something” with music was in the early ’90s when I was nearly 10 years old, the internet didn’t exist yet, and I wanted to find a way to make people discover new dance music hits from other countries, through a radio show.
This idea came during my several holiday trips to Portugal where I discovered much music in advance, before finding them as emerging news when I returned to France. I already had a flair for detecting future successes and wanted to be one of these men who bring music back from elsewhere. It wasn’t especially being a DJ! Djing came later in the years, by an evolution. The very root of my beginnings was to be a “radio man”.

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